A Bit of My Journey on the TMBA Podcast

Something a little different today on the blog but I had to share!  I’m so excited to share a recent podcast episode with you.  

Being featured on the Tropical MBA podcast is seriously like coming full circle. It was from these guys (Dan & Ian) that I first learned 4 YEARS AGO that the world of online business even existed! I was a bit unhappy in my 9-5 and finding them was like LIGHT BULB!

I quickly decided to follow them to a small island in the Philippines for a two-week workshop on running an online biz and my first legal business was born.  

Since then, they have built an amazing entrepreneurial community of online business owners, full of friends and clients. I feel super lucky to have connected with them so many years ago in Southeast Asia, caught up with them last October in Bangkok, and now to have recorded this episode!

In case you were wondering...the journey to where I am today though wasn't very straight!  Can you relate?

You can learn more on the EPISODE and if you haven't checked out the TMBA podcast yet - definitely do and join me and about 15,000 other online entrepreneurs who listen every week!