It’s almost Fall 🍁 and the year is wrapping up (#crazy) AND if you’re a coach it’s a great time to sign on people for a mastermind next year.  

Are you thinking about it?  Many masterminds include a retreat or other live events - we all love connecting in person (especially now after the #pani) and let’s be real, adding a cool destination 🏝 can really sweeten up those sales! 

But by hosting an in-person event or retreat you are opening yourself and your biz up to A LOT more liability than if you were working solely online!  

So much more goes into planning an in-person event and it’s important to have a solid Retreat Contract in place to make sure you don’t end up losing a bunch of money (or worse - end up in a courtroom!)

Because in-person events are…. well, in-person, there are many more chances for things to go sideways 🤢

RETREATS = AWESOME (but they are also where S*#T can hit the fan!)  

As a lawyer, my brain goes wild thinking about all the potential liability issues at a live event.  Here are just a FEW:

You provide car transportation and the driver ends up in a car accident. Susie blames you for her whiplash. Are you responsible?
You provide meals at your VIP intensive weekend and had no idea that Susie had a peanut allergy or that peanuts were even in that dish. She ends up in the ER - what now?
A rogue Susie totally trashed the hotel room that you paid for as part of a package retreat.  She gave a bogus credit card, skipped out, and now the hotel is coming after you…
Susie turns out to be a thief and steals 3 of your guests computers while everyone is on a break. Your guests are NOT happy and are coming after you...

This is literally the tip of the iceberg on potential issues.

But have no fear! There are ways to protect yourself from the pitfalls that can happen at a live event.  💪🏻

You can be protected from all of the above situations if you have a solid retreat contract in place that is drafted for your specific event or retreat. 

If you don’t have the proper clauses included, you could be in for a world of hurt - both in time and 💰💰 

So before even thinking about hosting something, make sure you get your retreat contract in place.   In-person events take a special contract because of these extra factors. Anyone coming needs to be signing a waiver of liability that YOU are not responsible for basically anything that could go wrong!  

Make sure you are planning for the unexpected. Anything IN PERSON opens you up to big liability which can cost you BIG $$$

Our Retreat Contract Template includes: 

Terms of your retreat (which you can customize to your specific event)
✔️  Payment & Refund Terms
✅  Disclaimers (aka no guarantees)
✔️ Client Responsibility Clause (you can bring the horse to water but can’t make it drink!)
✅  Intellectual Prop Rights
✔️ Liability Waiver
✅  Medical & Health Release
✔️ Security 
✅  Media Release
✔️ Force Majeure Clause (cause you know…pandemics)
✅  Travel stuff (like it’s their responsibility to get the right visas and stuff)
✔️ Dispute Resolution


If you are hosting an event this Fall, grab your Retreat Contract today!

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