Contracts are about MORE than just money…

So I was listening to a podcast recently and a coach was being interviewed by another couple of coaches.  They were talking about whether you should make a client stay in your program even if they want out. The consensus was no because who wants to coach someone that doesn’t want to be there...well jury is out on that idea but that’s not what this is about.  

One of the coaches then said she DOES NOT use contracts anymore because she doesn’t need the money and it doesn’t really bother her if people drop out of her coaching 😵

Holy cow, this raised my blood pressure!! Because people, contracts are about more than just money!  

But also, money is 🙌🏻  and contracts help you keep your sales AND keep people from dropping out of your programs (I do think if I was a coach I would not want people dropping out and messing up my predictable monthly payments right 🤔)

Anyway, what I would say to this coach and what I will say to you is this: Contracts are about way more than just keeping your  $$$ (but hello, nice benefit!) 

Contracts also:

✔️PROTECT YOU FROM GETTING SUED (and spending $150k+ in court)

✔️ Protect your intellectual property

✔️Outline the terms of your coaching relationship & how you get paid

✔️ Set up boundaries

✔️Oh did I mention the not getting sued thing⁉️

Yes, this one little awesome document can do ALL that!  Why o’ why wouldn’t you want it?  

Would it bother you if a client walked away and you lost 3 months of payments? (I’m gonna say yes…)

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