How To: Legally Organize Your Client Work and Website

I’m sure, like me, you’ve been diving into some 2018 BIZ PLANNING! But in addition to launches and funnels, have you thought about how to legally ‘organize’ your biz so it’s protecting YOU and your INCOME.

What you need to keep your client work and website clean:

-1:1 client agreement - this outlines the terms of working with someone for an extended period of time. This could be coaching, web design, as a VA, etc. This document includes payment terms, timelines, and the OH-SO-IMPORTANT disclaimers that protect you as the business owner.

-Privacy Policy - this is legally required on your website (because of a law in California, and all of our sites show up in California!) and is a notice to your visitors about what you intend to do with the information you collect. It includes your policies on cookies, sharing their information, and that you are not responsible for third-party privacy policies. Also includes your compliance with CAN-SPAM act.

-Terms of Service - outlines how the information on your website should (and shouldn't be) used, protects your intellectual property, outlines your refund policy (for digital products), and explains what happens should someone want to bring a claim against you about information on your website.

-Disclaimers - protects you from claims of liability should someone become mentally, physically, or financially injured from any information gained from your website, videos, emails, etc.  Includes information that you are not a therapist, giving medical/financial advice, making any guarantees, etc. This is super important for coaches, bloggers, and anyone putting out videos.

-Terms of Purchase - if you are running a group program, membership site, or selling products, you need a Terms of Purchase at your checkout button (PRIOR to purchase). This includes your refund policy and payment terms, protection for your content, and again, those oh-so-important disclaimers.

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