Pssst....You Need a Privacy Policy

What is a privacy policy anyway? 

A privacy policy is basically a disclosure document, the main purpose of which is to inform (and therefore protect) consumers.

A declaration you are making to visitors of your website about how you are gathering information about them and what you intend to do with it.

The Internet is not a private place, but there are certain expectations consumers have. 

Did you know that your business could be fined $2500 for not having a PRIVACY POLICY?  

A Privacy Policy for your website basically states that you won’t share email addresses or personal information that you collect with other 3rd party sites (except your email provider, etc).  It includes provisions for “cookies” and other communications.  

In the US, all websites must have this (thank you California) because ANY business that collects emails in California must comply with the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) stating you have to have a Privacy Policy on your HOMEPAGE (or at least a link to it) - if you don't, Cali can come after you!  

Depending on what your website is about - the Federal Gov may also have an action to come say hello (and not in the hey, what's up way....)  

Most countries have such laws, and the Canada and the EU have some pretty extensive requirements.  

If you have a website collecting emails, make sure you have this in place!  

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