Website Terms of Service vs. Terms of Use vs. Terms and Conditions...


NOTHING. These all mean the same thing and are used interchangeably - what is important is NOT the name, but what is IN these terms. 

I know. Super annoying 😬

A Website “Terms of Service (TOS), Terms of Use, or Terms and Conditions” policy is about protecting your business and content.  

It outlines how your website should be used and what people can (and can’t do) with your content and protects your intellectual property (blog posts, opt-ins, videos, etc.)

NOTE: This gets a bit more confusing because Terms of Purchase, what you need for a group program or online course, may also be called Terms of Use, or T & C, but have totally different protections than what is in your website terms. 

I KNOW, I KNOW. Don’t shoot the messenger.  🙏🏻

Again, what is important is WHAT IS IN THE DOCUMENT, not the name it is going by.  

What goes in Website Terms? 

-Copyright protection for your content ©️

-Jurisdiction - where is your business located? 🌎

-Dispute Resolution - will you settle a claim in court or through mediation/arbitration? ⚖️

-Disclaimers - SUPER important to protect you from liability should someone misuse any information or products you put out there 

Something to remember - YOU are also bound by everyone else’s TOS. This is a biggie in social media and on the web, so take a minute and get familiar with the TOS for twitter, instagram, facebook, etc.  If you are found in violation - you can be banned.  

Do you have your website terms in place??  If not, head over HERE.

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