Why I LOVE Trademarks!

Why I LOVE Trademarks!

Make Your Mark, my trademark registration package is one of my favorite services to offer...WHY you may ask? 

Because despite the archaic & nuanced application process, potential endless back and forth with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and months of waiting, I get to present my clients with a brand new shiny certificate that says they OWN their trademark. 🙌🏻  

Time to Pop the Bubbly! 🍾

They OWN their business or course name, slogan, or product. Nobody in their industry can use it (or something remotely similar to it!) 

And with that ownership comes POWER & CONFIDENCE in what they are building and to be able to help online biz owners with at brings me so much joy  🎉

Bottom line - I LOVE helping people like you #protectyourpassion

I love being able to help you gain an asset that not only protects your brand & business, but ELEVATES you as the expert in your industry.  

I love that my impact on the world comes from helping YOU make YOUR impact. 

I love being able to tell you that now YOU get to use that cherished ® 

I love seeing the smile (like one of my fav clients Lacey below) when you get your first, second, or third trademark certificate in the mail!  Doesn’t she look like a total boss in this picture holding 4 HUGE BUSINESS ASSETS? (and more on the way!) 

Are YOU ready for a trademark? Head over HERE to learn more! 

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