Why Your Business Needs Trademarks

You know the car thing right? The one where you are thinking about buying a new black Mercedes convertible or a 3-row blue Acura MDX with bucket seats for little people?!  

Once you have that car on your mind you will begin to see it EVERYWHERE. Because as we know, what we focus on expands and comes more and more into our view.  

So it’s no wonder that I see registered trademarks all over the place.  

They actually are everywhere, you can’t turn around and look at a product or drive past a business without seeing that ® (watch out, you’re going to see them now too!)

And why is that? BECAUSE BUSINESSES NEED TRADEMARKS. They help your consumers know something very important - WHO YOU ARE.   

Take this photo for example. In a recent shower I was staring at our row of shampoo and shaving creams and such and what did I notice?  So. Many. Trademarks.

Just on this one bottle I can spot THREE.  Of course they have their business name: Gillette, that’s who makes the product, but they also have “Comfort Glide” which describes the experience they hope you will have.

Registering a trademark is not only important so that your people know who you are (e.g., Protect Your Passion® comes from Destination Legal, not any other online attorney) but it can also bring about a feeling or experience that you want your consumers to have (e.g., The Best or Nothing™ - which is something Mercedes-Benz is currently trying to trademark). 

These amazing business assets give you so much power in your field (I mean, it’s kind of baller that Gillette can block any other shaving company from using the word FOAMY - which they have been doing since they registered that trademark in 1975). 

In the world of online business there is so much opportunity with trademarks to gain power and recognition among your people. From trademarking your business name to your online course to your signature membership. 

As you grow your business you should always be thinking about protecting your intellectual property.  I promise you that your biz bestie is…and so are others in your niche.

And with trademarks, it’s ALWAYS a race to the trademark office.  

Now is your chance to get there first and start building your profile of business assets. Your future self will thank you for it! 

And if you’re ready to get going, check out our trademark package HERE

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