1:1 Coaching Contract
1:1 Coaching Contract
1:1 Coaching Contract
1:1 Coaching Contract

1:1 Coaching Contract

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Have you been procrastinating dealing with the legal 'stuff'?!  You know you need SOMETHING to protect you (like a contract) but aren't exactly sure what should be in it or how to use it. 

You've made it this far without any protection so....maybe you'll be okay 'winging it' without a contract...You finally have a stream of clients and are sick and tired of operating like a newbie and thinking you'll come back to it...


Let's make sure you're protected and KEEP that $$$ you earn!

This contract is the #1 thing you need to legally protect your coaching business.  A Client Contract IS the document that will protect YOU, your SALES, and your BIZ!   If you are ready to take things into your own hands to #protectyourpassion, then done-for-you templates are the way to go.

Imagine having your client contract in your hands in the next 20 minutes, ready to send out to that new client that is just around the corner.  Start by building your business the RIGHT (& legit) way!

Who Is This Template For?  Coaches that work 1:1 with clients.  

This contract template is for all types of coaches: business, sales, marketing, life, money, relationship, and general coaching

What are the Specs?

The template includes all the legal language you need and nothing you don't - it’s easy to understand and not full of legal mumbo jumbo!

  • Customizable Terms
  • Payment and Refund Policy
  • Confidentiality
  • Disclaimers
  • Dispute resolution
  • An attachment for your package specifics so you don’t have to update this puppy EVERY single time you sign a new client
  • Intellectual property protection
  • More *awesome* legal protections for YOU

What’s Included? 

✔️ Attorney drafted contract - this isn’t 50 pages of legal mumbo jumbo - BUT it does include everything you need to make sure your business is protected to the max

✔️Automatically Downloaded Template in Word file format

✔️Directions on how to customize the template for your business and jurisdiction

More Questions? 

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