Membership Site - Terms of Purchase

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Terms of Purchase (may also be called Terms and Conditions) are specifically for your membership site - they are the contract your customers agree to at checkout (you know the one, “by clicking here I agree to these Terms”). This document protects the content you’re creating for your membership, meaning modules, videos, etc. and it also includes your payment policy and how membership payments are collected. These Terms also include the proper disclaimers to protect you and your business plus much more legal goodness! 

Who Is This Template For? 

Membership Site Owners

What are the Specs?

The template includes all the legal language you need and nothing you don't - it’s easy to understand and not full of legal mumbo jumbo!

  • Customizable Terms for Membership Site
  • Payment and Refund Policy 
  • Disclaimers
  • Media Release
  • Dispute resolution
  • Intellectual property protection
  • More *awesome* legal protections for YOU
What’s Included? 

✔️ Attorney drafted contract - this isn’t 50 pages of legal mumbo jumbo - BUT it does include everything you need to make sure your business is protected to the max

✔️Automatically Downloaded Template in Word file format

✔️Directions on how to customize the template for your business and jurisdiction

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