It’s Time to Protect Your Passion

A major obstacle for many people when STARTING or GROWING their business online is getting the legal situation straight.

I know this is scary and a bit overwhelming but no worries, we’ve got this.  

As an attorney, I am here to make your life easier and your business more protected AND professional.  

I understand the legal jargon required and have spent the last few years reviewing and creating contracts for entrepreneurs and awesome biz owners just like you.

It does not have to be a huge pain to get those legal ‘duckies in the RIGHT row.’  

So whether you have been stressing that you have no contract for your clients to sign, are unsure if your website is legit, or have lost your shorts to a short-term contractor in the past – you are in the right place!  


Sleep at night, knowing your business is protected. 

Are you ready to take your business legit and stop worrying about…   

If your client will actually pay you?  Whether you are protecting yourself with the proper disclaimers? 

What happens if your client misses a session?      How to make sure your VA actually does his/her job?     

Whether your website is compliant with the law?  Heck, what does your website even NEED to be compliant?

Are you ready to show up as the business owner you really are? 

It does not have to be as nerve wracking as you think.  

Having a few key legal contracts in place will give you big peace of mind.  

That's where Let's Get Legal comes in.  My signature package includes everything you need for WHERE you are in your business right now and nothing you don't.  

All documents are custom and drafted especially for you and your unique business.  Let's Get Legal is available in three options, choose what is right for you and start protecting your passion now!  


Let's Get Legal supports you in having the strong foundation you need to have when building your online empire.  

Not only will you feel more empowered as a business owner, but your clients will know you mean BIZ-NASS.  Which, of course, you do! 

By placing your order above you agree to our Terms of Purchase

Why do I need this stuff? 

Because you don’t want to end up in court.  Cause let me tell you, it's not cheap.


I cannot tell you the amount of times friends have not been paid for their services because everything was done “over email.” Do not make this mistake.  Contracts are a vital part of any business and you need to have everything in writing, agreed to by both parties.  

These contracts will not be filled with pages and pages of legal jargon but will be filled with exactly the language you need to protect yourself and your business.

Do you know that every website MUST HAVE a privacy policy?  

Well, given you are likely a kick-ass entrepreneur, I know you are out there collecting emails for your sales funnels and newsletters. There are tons of laws (federal and state) that have rules about collecting such information and since you will be getting visitors from all around the globe you could be subject to liability — so you need to check this box.

And those Terms of Service + Disclaimers?  

Basically it protects YOU and your stuff (aka intellectual property) so that if some troll takes your gorgeous pictures, copies a blog post, or otherwise messes with your site, you are protected and have some actions you can take. Disclaimers protect you from liability against those who may misinterpret the fabulous info you are putting out there and try to blame you for something...

Let's Get Legal The Start-Up is perfect for business owners looking for a strong foundation on which to build their online business!  

If you are already running your business, plus have an online course or group program and/or building a team, Let's Get Legal Growing Biz or Pro is the choice to make!  

By placing your order above you agree to our Terms of Purchase

How does it work? 

Step 1

After you purchase, we will set up a time to hop on the phone for a 30-min strategy session to discuss the specifics of your business, your policies, etc.

Step 2

I will get to work.  Over the next 2 weeks I will create the documents for your business!

Step 3

Delivery!  All documents will come as Word Documents via email.

You get your contracts in place . . . and now you can breathe.

You will be able to tweak your client and independent contractor contracts via Word if necessary. 

By placing your order you agree to our Terms of Purchase   *For payment plans, second payment is due prior to delivery.


My primary goal was to sleep a bit better at night knowing that our client and employee contracts were serving their purpose. Sarah delivered 100%. In fact, a client (also a lawyer) complimented our new work contract. Mission accomplished!
— Kiri,
Sarah was able to assist me with some contract questions for our marketing agency and was incredibly knowledgeable and extremely helpful. She is a fantastic lawyer, especially for digital nomads and online entrepreneurs because of her special insights in this area. I’d recommend her to anyone who is looking for legal help.
— John,
Working with Sarah has been invaluable to me in envisioning and building my business. The knowledge she brings to the table with her background in law and business building is invaluable. Sarah is your woman. I’m so glad I found her.
— Shelly,
Sarah is a dedicated, hard working, get-to-the-bottom-of-it kinda gal. Her attention to detail is immaculate and she is incredibly focused, knowledgeable, and inspirational regarding the steps to success in online business. It would be an honor to work with Sarah again!
— Gina,
We worked with Sarah on finalizing our partnership agreement and a few contracts – it went really smoothly. I wanted someone that knew small business and would get the job done but did not want to deal with a huge law firm. She knows what is needed for a small business and I feel my business is way more protected after having worked with her.
— Coran, BioVital Labs

Pro Tip!

Your policies should be unique to your business. You should not merely rely on another websites policy and adopt it as your own.

I mean, imagine borrowing your best friend’s underwear. You can do it sure, but it’s never going to feel right!

Want to chat first?  No problem, just click below and we will set something up.