SPOILER ALERT: There’s ONE AGREEMENT that most coaches need in place before collecting their first dollar.

It’s your 1:1 Coaching Contract.

Normally, I offer this template for $399 on my website…but since you’ve shown that you’re serious about protecting your coaching business, today I want to make you a special offer…

Protect your passion. Protect your business.
Get your 1:1 Coaching Contract in place.


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When new coaches come to me, overwhelmed with what to do to legally protect their business, the VERY first thing I recommend is getting their Coaching Contract in place.

It’s the bare minimum to set you up for success and protect you from all kinds of scenarios that could damage your business and your reputation.

I can already hear some of you asking...

“But I’m just starting my business...do I REALLY need a contract?”

Here’s the thing...I’ve met so many coaches with horror stories like these:

  • Losing $10K when a client backs out of a program early (An airtight refund policy would’ve fixed that…)
  • An unhappy client trashing the coach on social media (A non-disparagement clause would’ve handled that…)
  • Clients taking the content and tools you’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into...and using them in their own businesses (An intellectual property clause would help with that…)

...And these are just a few of the unfortunate situations that a proper Coaching Contract can protect you from!

Why wait until your back is against the wall?

Your Coaching Contract allows you to:

  • Look professional and legitimate so that clients feel comfortable investing in working with you
  • Ensure you can collect on payments and keep the sales you’ve earned
  • Spell out terms with your clients so that expectations are clear on both sides (and even set boundaries to prevent clients from showing up late or canceling sessions)
  • ​Have policies in place that cover what happens if the relationship doesn’t go the way you’d hoped
  • ​Protect the intellectual property that you share with your clients so that they can’t use your content without your permission
  • ​Avoid out-of-the-blue lawsuits that could tank your business
  • ​Sleep well at night, knowing your business is protected

One little contract can do all that?

Yes! And more!

Here’s why:

A good contract lays the groundwork for a good relationship.

Your coaching business is built on good relationships.

Don’t you want your foundation to be rock-solid?

Protect your business AND your relationship with your clients.


Get this $100 discount for 7 days only!


Sarah here...to answer that question, let me tell you a little bit more about how we became THE trusted destination for HUNDREDS of coaches’ legal needs.

This journey started after I put in my time in the law firm game...and realized it wasn’t for me.

I longed to create a freedom-based online business (just like you!) and became a certified health coach. Along the way, my fellow coaches kept coming to me with legal questions, and it was my pleasure to help them out.

Soon, I realized that coaches were in desperate need of professional legal support. I had the opportunity to make legally covering your booty WAY more easy, fun, and affordable.

That’s why Destination Legal saves coaches SO much time, money, and stress!

Our agreements are:


(no confusing legal jargon here)

Customizable to YOUR business and YOUR needs

(with instructions on how to do so)

Professionally drafted by an attorney who KNOWS the coaching space inside-and-out

Keep in mind...

It could EASILY run you from around $1,000 to up to $5,000 to hire your own attorney or law firm to draft this agreement for you. (And it would probably be less comprehensive!)

Not to mention that you’ll be hard-pressed to find one who understands the unique needs of coaching AND how things work in the online space. There are so many subtleties that make all the difference!

(Don’t forget that a lawsuit can easily end up costing you $50K-$100K...and our contracts provide for arbitration to keep you OUT of court.)

And in case you’re thinking...

But can’t I just find a free legal template online?

The problem with most free templates you’ll find online is that they WON’T include most of the clauses and disclaimers you need in a coaching business. At Destination Legal, our specialty is knowing the ins and outs of the coaching world, so you can be sure that we’ve got you covered!

But can’t I just copy someone else’s contract?

Actually, that’s called copyright infringement and definitely not legal. Besides, without an attorney to review it, there’s no way to ensure that you’ll have all the specific protections you need for YOUR business. Our contracts are all attorney-drafted and easy-to-customize, which means you can be sure your business’s needs will be met!

But can’t I just trust the Universe to protect my business?

You could, but you could also consider that maybe the Universe guided you here to get the legal protection you need in place!

Plus, your contract creates a sacred container between you and your client in which expectations are clear, which allows for both sides to feel safe and protected in your work together.

(If you ask me, the Universe says “cover your @$$!” 😉)

Your 1:1 Coaching Contract Includes:

  • Customizable Service Terms
  • Payment and Refund Policy
  • Confidentiality
  • Disclaimers
  • Dispute resolution
  • An attachment for your package specifics so you don’t have to update this puppy EVERY single time you sign a new client
  • Intellectual Property protection
  • More *awesome* legal protections for YOU

It's Your Choice...

You can “wing it,” leave your business exposed, and hope for the best…

...OR you can make sure that your client relationships are set up for success from the beginning with our customizable Coaching Contract!

And you can literally have it in your hands in the next 20 minutes!

Get the Coaching Contract with YOU in mind.


Get this $100 discount for 7 days only!



  • Click the button and complete the steps to purchase the template.
  • Check your inbox for instant access to the downloadable Word doc.
  • Simply follow the directions to customize the agreement to your business, coaching packages, policies, and location.
  • Upload to your website or digital signature program and you’ll be all set!



Shelly Haas, Life and Health Coach at shellyhaas.com

“Working with Destination Legal has been so helpful to me in envisioning and building my coaching business.

The knowledge she brings to the table with her background in law and business-building is invaluable. Sarah is your woman. I’m so glad I found her.”

“When I first met Sarah, I had absolutely no legal documentation for my business.

I knew I needed to be protected but had no idea what I needed or how to make that happen. Sarah made things really easy. She asked questions, offered solutions and within a very short time from our first meeting, I had my contracts and legal templates in place. Even better, now I actually understand the what, why and how legal fits into my business.”

Leigh Shulman, Writing Mentor at leighshulman.com

Tom Sylvester, Business Coach at The Lifestyle Builders

“In using Sarah’s contracts, what was really nice about them was they were: 

1. Simple to use 2. Very simple to customize; and 3. Very inexpensive compared to what you’d pay a lawyer. It’s given me a lot more peace of mind and really reduced a lot of my stress. I know from our other businesses where we’ve had issues that this will ultimately save us probably tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of our business. I can’t recommend Sarah enough!”

Ready to lay the legal foundation for a rock-solid business?


Get this $100 discount for 7 days only!