Contract Call

Contract Call

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Wondering about how the coronavirus impacts your current contracts? Questions like...should I even be enforcing contracts right now? Who can I take to collections? Should I amend my contract? 

Or questions like....what should I do about clients asking to defer payments or cancel? 

Wondering who to ask about how to postpone your retreat in May?  Your business coach is great for many things, but legal expertise isn’t one of them.

Let’s Talk!  Just 30 minutes can bring you some much needed certainty to help keep your business and bank account sold during this time.

Look, there are a lot of crazy things happening now, a lot of uncertainty in your business (and life). The last thing you need to add to your plate is worry that your clients won’t pay you or a bunch of lost business.  You need a lawyer on your side to help you walk through this time and get to the other side as easily as possible.

I will review your contract and then we will hop on the phone and chat about your options. Then you can decide what is best for you and your clients right now. 

Your Contract Call includes:

  1. Review of one contract
  2. 30 minute call to discuss your options
  3. 50% off coupon to the Legal Shop (if your contract needs some work or there are some other things you need in your legal toolbox!) 

Note: No attorney-client relationship is formed through this service, this call is information only.

Questions on how to use the payment plan and SEZZLE? Watch this quick video from us that will walk you through it!