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Use these promotional gift cards on any templates or bundles in the Legal Shop! 

Spend $250 get $500

Spend $500 get $1000

Now is the BEST time to get your legal ducks in a row!

If you have been waiting (cough cough) on a sign that it's time...IT'S TIME. Go into 2021 feeling more confident and empowered in your business OR give that amazing gift to someone you care about - they will thank you for it!


*Good for 1 year from purchase 

*Use of card not applicable with other discount codes


"Having Sarah's hands on my business's legal situation was pure gold.

I felt totally supported, secure, and peaceful during the entire process of getting all of the important legal aspects of my business taken care of. I stepped even more into my CEO shoes, slept better at night, and ultimately knew that as my passive income products, programs, etc. continued to grow that I would be protected.

I recommend Sarah to all my friends and clients for this same exact reason. Legal may not be the sexiest part of business, but it's certainly one of the most important and I was so glad to have Sarah by my side in this process."

Lacey Sites, Success Coach

"I use Destination Legal templates to help me protect my passion.

Over the years of running my business there have been some pretty crazy things that have happened on the inside, which happens in entrepreneurship, but one thing I know for sure is that by having these templates in my business, I can show up with more confidence and such a feeling of security.

I know my sale is secure and that I’m coming from a place of true knowledge when it comes to all things legal.

Thank you Destination Legal for making me feel so confident through the process."

Ruby Lee, Business Coach