The Pro - Bundle for Retreat Hosts (PRE SALE)

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The Bundle is a collection of contracts & policies for your retreat business. It includes a Retreat Contract for your participants, a Vendor Contract for your vendors and/or suppliers, and website policies (privacy policy, terms of service & disclaimers). This collection includes everything you need to get your business protected from the beginning. 

Who Is This Bundle For? 

Retreat Hosts 

What are the Specs?

The template includes all the legal language you need and nothing you don't - it’s easy to understand and not full of legal mumbo jumbo!

Retreat Contract

  • Terms of your program (which you can customize to your specific event)
  • Payment & Refund Terms
  • Disclaimers (aka no guarantees)
  • Client Responsibility Clause (you can bring the horse to water but can’t make it drink!)
  • Intellectual Prop Rights
  • Liability Waiver
  • Medical & Health Release
  • Security
  • Media Release
  • Travel stuff (like it’s their responsibility to get the right visas and stuff)
  • Dispute Resolution

Vendor Contract

  • Coming Soon

Website Collection

  • Customizable Terms
  • Payment and Refund Policy for small digital products
  • Disclaimers
  • Dispute resolution
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Copyright and IP protection
  • Data Collection Policy
  • Data Types
  • Anti-Spam Policy
  • Data Retention and Destruction Policy
  • Cookies and Tracking Policy
  • Other NECESSARY clauses to keep your biz legit and compliant 
What’s Included? 

✔️ Attorney drafted contract - this isn’t 50 pages of legal mumbo jumbo - BUT it does include everything you need to make sure your business is protected to the max

✔️Automatically Downloaded Template in Word file format

✔️Directions on how to customize the template for your business and jurisdiction


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