5 Ways a Trademark Protects Your Coaching Business

Starting up a coaching business can be an exciting time. But in all that excitement, you still want to make sure you're legally protecting your brand. One of the best ways to do that is through trademark protection.

Sure, it takes time. Yes, the process can sometimes be frustrating. But those are nothing compared to the peace of mind and security you'll have when it's all done (not to mention the cost of avoiding a rebrand, or worse, a trademark infringement lawsuit!).

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Here are five of the biggest and best reasons to make sure your coaching business is trademarked for your protection.

1. You'll Strengthen Your Standing With Coaching Clients

Anyone coming to you for coaching, wants to know they can trust you. A trademark helps to show that you're a serious, established business. When someone sees that ® behind your business or program name, they know that you are investing in your business and intellectual property and that makes you a rock star!  

Check out any 6 or 7 figure coach, I guarantee you they have at least 1 trademark behind their business (if not 3, 4, or 5!)

2. You'll Keep Exclusive Rights to Your Program and Service Names

You don't want other people selling a program or offer with the same or similar name to yours, or branding themselves as you when they're not. Trademarks help to stop that from being a problem - if you see someone starting to use YOUR trademark, you can reach out or send a Cease & Desist and they have to stop.

3. You'll Stay Away From Legal Trouble With Other Coaches

Every coach is different, even if their methods are similar. When you trademark your names, you're not infringing on the business of someone else in your industry. The peace of mind that comes from knowing YOU OWN the name and nobody else in the industry can use it is very powerful and brings you a ton of confidence. 

4. You'll Protect Your Coaching Brand From Misuse

You can fight back legally, if anyone tries to misuse your trademarked brand. That can protect your business, and also help reduce any chance of client confusion over your products or services.

5. You'll Be Protecting Your Future Business Growth

Even if you're not making a living from your coaching right now, you never know how much it might take off in the future. When you trademark your coaching business, you protect everything it could be later on, when it starts to grow.

These aren't the only benefits of a trademark for your coaching business, but they're some of the most significant ones. By making the choice to trademark what you do, you'll reduce the chances of legal and professional problems down the road. You try your best to help your clients have better futures. Make sure you're doing the same for yourself, as well. 

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