What Does Having a Registered Trademark Do for You?

There are a ton of amazing benefits. Here are just a few!


With a registered trademark you OWN the 'mark' - meaning the name - for use in your area of goods or services. And THAT puts you on the map.

You Get the ®

Only with a registered trademark can you use the ® symbol in your branding and that lets the world know it's yours.


Join the many business owners that have invested in their brand. Nothing says EXPERT like owning your trademark and that leads to more visibility and sales.


Legal power that is, if a competitor starts using it or something similar, you can stop them in their tracks (like magic)!


Protect your passion, elevate your brand & make your mark on the world with this full service flat rate trademark package.

Make your mark

What's Included


*Includes one class fee, additional classes are $250 per class.

Starting at $2,500 for One Trademark Package

Payment Plans and Multiple Trademark Packages Available

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Sarah is a busy entrepreneur’s legal dream and secret weapon. She has helped me secure multiple trademarks for my business and the process was a breeze. I filled out a quick form and a few months later I had a trademark certificate in my mailbox! She handles the entire process for you with white glove service and absolute genius expertise.

Sabrina Philipp, Business Coach

Full Service

A lot of trademark attorneys or services will only file the application and then leave you hanging (or charge more!) if anything comes up - not here, we are a one stop shop from start to finish!


You have over 85% chance of getting your mark through. While we can't guarantee everything will go smoothly, that's our success rate! We won't take you on if we don't think we have this in the bag!

Hands Off

Once you sign on, we take over! We will keep you updated but basically you can relax and not worry about it. This way you can get back to doing what you love, building an amazing business!


Having No Trademarks...

Meet Sarah

It's My Passion to Help You Protect Your Passion®

Own. Your. Brand.

Working with Sarah to get our company name and products trademarked couldn't have been an easier process if we tried.

All I had to do was ask Sarah for a trademark and she handled all the rest of the details with impeccable communication throughout the process.

We've been able to secure 3 trademarks successfully by working with Sarah. Her legal expertise shone through whenever an obstacle popped up during the process and we easily landed all our requested trademarks.

Receiving trademarks has given us the security of knowing that our company name and product names are protected as we continue to grow and build brand recognition for our company under those names.

Shay + Cassie, Founders, The Bucketlist Bombshells®

Getting my trademark with Destination Legal was one of the best decisions I've made in my business.

The process was so easy and stress free, not to mention it was so empowering to know I had the right support on my side and that I didn't have to navigate it on my own. I had heard horror stories and knew I wanted to protect myself and make sure the process went well.

Having my trademarks has helped me to see that when I own my property my clients and community reflect that to me and treat me as the expert as I am and want to buy from me with even greater ease and certainty.

Not only did the process go well, but I feel like a true CEO having my business name protected and the peace of mind it has given me has been priceless. If you're thinking about trademarking I couldn't recommend Destination Legal enough!

Lacey Sites, Success Coach and Owner of A Lit Up Life®


Here are a few answers to our most common questions.

The full trademark registration process and approval can take anywhere from 6- 18 months (average is less than one year). 

Yes - that is, IF your market/customers are in the US!  It doesn't matter where you or your biz are, but if your brand is present in the US, you want US protection

A 'class' is the goods or services you are selling that will be connected to the brand.  For example, Starbucks is protected under Class 030 for coffee and food.  If you are a coach, your services would be coaching, online training, etc.  I will help you figure this out (Classification is one of the main parts of the application process that can get screwed up by trying to do it on your own!)  Each class has a filing fee of $225.

A registered trademark will mean that you own the right to use that name in your particular business niche - while it doesn't mean you can keep the world from using the name, once you have the trademark you CAN stop others from using it in their business if they are selling similar goods or services.  Read more about trademarks here.

No - however, you can register in multiple countries. There is an application that allows multiple countries once you have do that initial application with the USPTO. If you want this, we can chat! 

Unfortunately not!  However, I won't proceed with your application unless I'm 99% confident there is a high chance of approval. If I determine its not a good bet, I will issue a refund, minus $299 for the cost of the initial search and determination.   Note - there is no guarantee that any search will uncover all possible conflicts.

No, anyone can file an application for a trademark. BUT (and that's a big but) the application process can be complicated and if the USPTO has ANY questions at all and sends an initial refusal, it can be super confusing for someone that isn't an attorney.  Sadly many people jump ship and think their mark was refused for good, but really they might just need to make a good legal argument!  

Email us at and we can set up a time to chat! 

But Sarah, Do I Really Need More Than One?

Let's just say trademarking can be a BIT addicting, a lot of my clients start with 2 because they know they want their business name AND their most popular program protected STAT...and then they keep going, check out some of my clients (EXPERTS in their field) & all of their trademarks below!

Lacey Sites
Success Coach

A Lit Up Life®
Value-Centered Sales ®
Mindset, Strategy, Execution®

Sabrina Philipp
Business Coach

Intentional, Manageable, Profitable®
The Bali Mastermind®
Launch, Baby, Launch®

Shay + Cassie
Bucketlist Bombshells

Bucketlist Bombshells®
The Work Online & Travel the World Course®
She's Fully Booked Bootcamp®

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Ready to elevate your brand and get your name on the list with these rockstars?

Sarah made the trademark process an absolute breeze! Before I knew it, I received a message from her saying my trademark was approved. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Alex Jimenez, Travel Fashion Girl®, #1 Blog for Female Travelers

We loved how Sarah walked us through the whole trademarking process and we didn't have to worry about all of the paperwork and follow ups. I don't know if we ever would've gotten around to it ourselves unless we hired her to handle everything – it was so easy! We have peace of mind and so much pride to see our brand trademarked and we're so thankful for Destination Legal for making that happen

Lauren and Rachel, Sweet Root Village®, Event & Floral Design Company

A sincere Thank you for making the trademarking process smooth and painless and for taking that off my plate so I didn't have to worry about doing it right. I feel really good knowing that I'm protecting the future of my brand and business and it gives me a secure foundation to grow upon. I appreciate it very much.

Tory Wegner, Holistic Ways®, Health Spa Services


*Includes one class fee, additional classes are $250 per class.

Starting at $2,500 for One Trademark Package

Payment Plans and Multiple Trademark Packages Available

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