Should I Trademark My Online Business Name?

Whether you should trademark the name of your online business depends on several factors. Depending on the type of business and the name you're using for it, you may not be eligible to have it trademarked (not everything can be!). 

There are some specific guidelines you have to meet in order to file for that level of legal protection (this is the exact reason why having an attorney on your side is critical). So if your business or brand name is good to go, you should definitely trademark it!

Why? Because a trademark gives you legal standing, and enforces your right to use that name. It also helps you fight back against anyone who starts using the same name for a similar service, or uses your online business name or course without your permission.

Where the problem comes in for many coaches is that they often use their own names as part of their business name, or they use a descriptor like a place name, along with "coaching services" or something similar. These aren't unique enough to be legally trademarked, because they aren't definitive enough and could easily be mistaken for another company.

If you don't have an online business name yet, but you know you want the protection that comes with a registered trademark, consider your business' and program names very carefully. The more unique it is, the more likely you can trademark it. That's why "Xerox" can be registered, but "Bob's Office Equipment" can't.

"Apple" computers were also acceptable, because people don't normally associate apples with computer products. That's another way to potentially register a trademarked name, is to have it be unique to the type of industry it's being used in. With coaching and online businesses, that may or may not be difficult to do, depending on the ideas you have for your business, and what it's specifically going to offer (cause remember, you can only trademark names of goods or services you are selling!)

Keep in mind that a unique business or brand name can still have the potential to cause confusion in the marketplace, even if it can be trademarked more easily. Because of that, you'll want to look for a balance between trademarking a name that's unique, and finding a name that reflects what you do, so your clients can find you easily and you'll also be protected as much as possible!

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